About me

About meWARNING: This is not a lifestyle blog.

If you’re looking for Pinterest-worthy parenting, this is not the place for you! Turn back now! There’s no crafty egg cartoning; no harmonious family baking; no flat-lays; no rose-gold interiors. Nope, none of that.

I punch the keys in an effort to curb the ever-spreading, clearly irreversible effects of baby-brain and to keep a little record of these infuriating but oh-so-fabulous years of motherhood. I’ve connected with a lot of parents through blogging and if there’s one thing I’ve realised, it’s that almost everyone else is winging it too. Phew!

I’m not really one for giving advice but what I do know, I’ll share. If you like your solidarity with a side of sarcasm and you’re OK with a little mild exasperation then perhaps you’ll enjoy some of what I have to say. Perfect parents are fictitious, but I’ve a sneaking suspicion that the kids are alright.

Below are some quick-fire details about me. Check out my first blog post Whose Blog is it Anyway if you’d like to gain a little further insight into how the blog came about and the self-doubt that threatens its very existence.

And thanks for stopping by! 

Name: Sinéad. Someone called me Shinners twenty years ago and it stuck.

Location: Galway, Ireland.

Actual age: 38

Age in own head: 24

Marital status: Married to Mr C. Saint and breadwinner.

Employment status: Taking a break from working life to be a full-time mother in the trenches.

My brood: The buck (and only boy) is 7. The middle child is 4 and the toddler is 2.


  1. To be a half-decent mother and wife.
  2. To not take life, parenting or blogging too seriously. But seriously enough.
  3. To stay sane.
  4. To have retained 75% of my remaining brainpower when I return to work next year.

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