I’m pretty sure I started picking up stocking-friendly stuff as far back as early October and, as is the case every year, I probably have enough foam stickers, pipe cleaners, glitter pens and other art supplies to give Mary Fitzgerald a run for her money.

This year, we received some gorgeous Nordic-inspired stockings for the three from The Christmas Cart, a UK company that sells beautiful personalised funky stockings, Santa sacks, tree decorations and gifts. Their arrival was timely. I think we may have used an actual sock for the third child last year! Our new ones have pride of place over the fire and I’m looking forward to filling them with thoughtful (inexpensive) treats on Christmas Eve.

stocking fillers


If you’d like some last minute inspiration for your kids’ stockings, I’ve enlisted the help of some of your favourite Irish parenting bloggers who’ve shared the contents of their kids’ stockings.

Mum of three, Ellen Brophy likes to keep it simple, practical and fun. I do cute underwear and socks with their favourite characters and a small toy. This year it’s a wooden yo yo. I’m a single mother so sometimes I have to bring a small bit of practicality into the presents because the budget is tight with three.’ Ellen blogs at Blush, Belly & Babies. 

Karen Mulreid blogs at Beating Myself into a Dress and her little man is four. ‘I’m including stickers, colouring pencils and  blind bags of Lego figures, along with a wooden train for his train track, some jumbo outdoor chalk and a big tubes of Smarties.’ 

Sharon from Our Wheely Big Journey is a rock of sense and fan of practical items. ‘I include a toothbrush and toothpaste every single year, along with all the chocolate!’ Small Lego figures,  puzzle cubes and stationery items like rubbers and pencils also make it into the stockings of teenager, Sophie and little Noah.

Laura Meade from Mind, Madness, Miles and Mum Me Time thinks that stockings are the best part of Christmas morning. ‘Our stockings are filled with cheap bits and bobs and sweet treats that kids love but we don’t buy much of . We include practical items like socks, adorned in pictures of their favourite characters so that they’re seen as treats more so than necessities! We also include Ladybird books and first readers, chocolate coins, hair clips and bobbles, Lego, Puppy in my Pocket minis, drinks bottles and DVDs, to name a few!’

Cork-based Louise Murphy blogs at Tattooed Lady with a Baby and is filling her little boy’s stocking with art supplies, books and character figures. ‘I’ll include mini figurines, colouring pencils, crayons and a box of books – one of the little sets of four or five.  We got a cute set of the Hungry Caterpillar books one year. There’ll be some kind of Kinder chocolate too and fluffy socks are always in the stocking!’

Everyone’s favourite Scientist, Naomi’ from Dr How’s Science Wows is including energy sticks this year. They turn your body into a human conductor of electricity and allow kids to explore the science of electricity and circuits safely. ‘I recently used them in a kids’ science workshop and EVERY child has loved them. I think they’d make a fab stocking filler for sciencey or non-sciencey alike’. 

With four stockings to fill, Kellie from My Little Babóg is busier than most. ‘We’ve fluffy socks for all, Kinder surprises, Lego blind bags, figures I got for free from Power Rangers, animals from Appytoy (a free Irish toy exchange app), small books, bubbles (LOTS of them for one kid in particular), jumbo chalk and tickets to the Dinosaur show in Ambassador as well. The big kid has some LOLs , Num Nums and Shopkins in there too.’

Tracey Smith from Mum’s Make-up Bag has a teenager as well as smaller ones. ‘Chloe will get sweets, a small make-up palette and some earrings.  The others get sweets and chocolate, colouring supplies and little soft toys’. 

You can get quite the insight into life as a mum of lads from the contents of the stockings hanging on Sandra Power’s fireplace. The Waterford-based mum blogs at Prosecco Powdered Mum and hers include whoopie cushions, farting slime and slinkies (you know the things that go down the stairs) ‘I know my boys will enjoy them.. because, boys!’ 

stocking fillers
Personalised stockings from The Stocking Cark UK

Also a fan of slinkies, Sinéad Fox from Bumbles of Rice is popping one in each stocking this year, along with some little bouncy balls, anything she can get her hands on that lights up and some hot chocolate sticks.

Grá from Fred, Ted & Company blogs about Montessori in early childhood. She’s including a story-telling torch in her toddler Alfie’s stocking. The torch projects images onto the wall or ceiling which tell a colorful story. ‘It’s a nice way to wind down before bed and now that he’s started to talk hes getting really involved in the story telling’. 

Mum of two lively boys, Sarah Convey from Mummy’s Whine Club,  keeps it traditional. ‘Chocolate gold coins are always a must and a little Clementine orange. One kid is Telletubby mad so there’s a little Lala teddy going in his and the other is a Paw Patrol fan so there’s a Chase figure going in his. I’ll also include some colouring pencils and little bouncy balls.’ 

Liberty from Liberty on the Lighter Side is operating on a nostalgic level. ‘I always buy them an annual because it was one of my favourite Santa gifts as a child. I also include fun stationery items from discount stores, face masks and lippy for the teen, chocolate oranges and coins, candy canes and bath bombs.  A huge bottle of bubble bath each makes for a great for a space filler too!’

At ours, we’re stuffing the brood’s stockings with the obvious stationery items like colouring pencils, sketch pads and notebooks. I’ll include practical things like tooth brushes, socks and character facecloths and then a little box of Lego and a book each. The boy will get some Match Attax and a deck of playing cards. I’ve hair clips, and nail polish for the middle lady (gender stereotyping, anyone?) and a cuddly toy and a small puzzle for the littlest. I’ll  also throw in some cheap chocolate Santas, which they’ll probably be more excited about than anything else!

If you’re on the market for some new personalised stockings, check out The Christmas Cart UK – they’ve lots of types and patterns for £17.95 each plus p & p.

What do you include in your stockings? Have you got it covered or will you be digging around in the discount shops for some last minute items this week? Do you have any more ideas to add? I love to hear your suggestions in the comments below! 

Disclosure: I received three stockings from The Christmas Cart UK in return for this post. As always, all comments and opinions are my own. 
stocking fillers


  1. Now I’m starting to get a bit excited about Christmas after reading that. I think the stockings are my favourite ‘presenty’ part of the day, so I’m grateful I have kids to get them for! Those are such lovely looking stockings, your children must be delighted with the upgrade from an old sock😂😂. Thanks for including my comments too.

    • Sinéad Reply

      I love buying for the stockings too. I can see myself filling these gorgeous stockings for the gang long after Santa has stopped visiting! Thanks so much for your lovely contribution to the post, Liberty! Happy Christmas! xxx

  2. Some fantastic suggestions i better send your blog post to my Mr Grumpy so i wont get a pointless gift ever again x

  3. Fab little read and really got me in the festive mood. I tend to pop edibles in my Christmas stockings like chocolate coins x

  4. Great ideas for stockings! I haven’t actually got any stockings prepared for this year as it’s a bit of a manic time right now – but great inspiration for next year. X

  5. Oh these are fab Sinead ! I love them ! Some great suggestions too for filling them! Would you believe we don’t do stockings here but I’m going to re think that for next year !!!

    • Sinéad Reply

      Do you not? Clever lady! Less work for momma! Hope you all had a fab Christmas! xxx

  6. The Stocking s are beautiful. We love all things Nordic (hardly surprising given where we are living!!). I try and collect stocking fillers throughout the year when I see handy things, than I am not just buying rubbish or having a hefty bill in one go

  7. Ha, I love the toothbrush and toothpaste! This year, mine are getting socks, cute animal face cloths, and a bubble wand. And the obligatory chocolate orange, which is my husband’s tradition to always have in the stocking. I also always include an orange and walnuts, as that’s what I had as a kid in my St Nicholas shoe on 6th December (we didn’t do stockings).

  8. I love the personalised stockings you have, they’re so nice. I’ve never had a stocking myself but love doing them for other people x

  9. What gorgeous stockings, I just love the personalised touch! I can’t wait to give my two their stockings on Christmas morning.

  10. Those stockings really are gorgeous, I am loving he grey one best and it is ncie how they are personalised. I started buying items for this Christmas back in the January sales and I expect I’ll do the same in a couple of weeks, I do like to get a bargain and be ahead of the game! lol Mich x

  11. Oooh I love stockings! I feel all in the Christmas
    Spirit now! I love a mix between practical and fun things in stockings!

  12. I couldn’t have read this post at a better time as I’m heading out for the stocking fillers tomorrow and literally had no idea where to start, other than chocolate coins. Some great ideas here. Cx

  13. Have never done stockings for the children before but after reading this I’m very tempted to start a new tradition!

  14. These are really cute, I love that they are personalised. I start getting stocking bits in October too, I then hide them away and forget where I put them! Which isn’t always helpful

  15. Ours always have a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in that we eat while opening the stocking filler presents. I read that some people put cake mixes or cheap crafts sets in them, which I think is a lovely idea and will be doing this year!

  16. Wow everyone has such lovely stocking ideas!!! This year I went for quality over quantity. As the kids get older I want to steer away from the cheaper bits and bobs because our house is full of them. And I just did a big clear out of stuff from the playroom!

  17. Everyone has such great ideas! Ours have a mish mash of things – toys, paints, crafty bits, chocolate. I’ve tried to get only things they’ll really like and play with this year. I never seem to get things that are small enough to go in though! Then it’s a last minute dash to get some extra bits! xx

  18. I love your stockings! Ours always have chocolate coins, bath bombs, stationery, hair clips, all sorts of things really!! My stocking used to be my favourite thing to open!

  19. Oh wow how gorgeous are those stockings?! I managed to lose my middle childs personalised stocking this year and they all matched, such a shame. I love your childrens names by the way. Our stockings have a bit of a mish mash x

  20. I just absolutely love the stocking fillers! They’re so amazing– I tend to pick them up throughout the year to save up for my Christmas shopping as you can spend them in so many places.

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