It can be hard to find a gift that’s a little different. There’s the tendency to keep it safe with the usual department store vouchers (which I’m pretty much ALWAYS good with receiving) but if you’d like to buy something a little more thoughtful for your friend, your sister, your Secret Santa or someone who already has everything, I’ve put together a little list of ideas. They’re basically all things that I’d like to find at the bottom of my stocking.  If you like shopping independent and shopping Irish some of these could fit the bill nicely.



If you’ve a gal pal who’s fussy about her skincare and prefers natural products, then check out Bia Beauty. The products use simple, natural plant-derived ingredients, contain no colours, and are subtly scented with light and fruity essential oils. No sulphates. No parabens. No nasties.

Herbal Scientist, Tracey Ryan,  started out selling a natural moisturiser she developed for a college project in farmers’ markets around Cork.  When she later became pregnant, the idea for Bia Beauty was born. As a mum-to-be she was particularly conscious of using natural products and so she began to make lotions and washes for the family using nut and seed oils, fruits, herbs, spices, cocoa butter and avocado butter. Since then, Bia Beauty has grown into one of the most talked-about natural beauty brands in the country, has won multiple awards and is stocked in over 100 stores nationwide.

Thoughtful gifts for women

As someone who has sensitive skin, I usually don’t usually make too many changes to my skincare regime. I’ve recently been trying out the Feed Your Face gift set which includes Mellow Mandarin Moisturiser,  Orange & Grapefruit Facial Exfoliant and Cleanser and Stop the Clock Eye Gel.  I can’t tell you how gorgeous these smell. I’m officially hooked on the facial exfoliant and it would seem that the eye gel has achieved cult product status among natural beauty die-hards. I also tried the Lemon Myrtle Hand Cream which is non-greasy and smells like the frosting on a lemon cupcake. Amazing. I’m a fan of it all.

If you’re looking for a safe, natural beauty gift with a difference and you’d like to get behind an Irish, female-led business, then check out the website for all kinds of gorgeous natural treats.



Three words: Chocolate. Subscription. Box. Yes. It’s a thing! Did everyone know about this?

Let me back up a bit. Karen and Natalie Keane, founders of Bean and Goose, began making their range of artisan chocolate on their Wexford farm in 2014. They combine high-quality, single origin chocolate with locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients. They’re inspired by the fruit trees on the farm as well as home-grown herbs such as lavender, mint, bay, fennel, rosemary and thyme. The result is the ultimate taste explosion for chocolate lovers.

Thoughful gifts for women
Chocolate is the answer

Now, back to the business of having slabs of chocolate regularly delivered through your letter box.  Bean & Goose has four Tasting Club options for chocolate lovers. Every month you’ll receive two delicious limited edition surprise bars and one from the Bean & Goose core range. Directly into your letterbox. Waiting for you, beacon-like, amidst the bills and junk mail. What’s not to love?

I tried out November’s box which included Roasted Almonds & Irish Sea Salt ( Arriba 39%), Hazelnut Lavender Praline (Milk Colombia 45%) and Irish Atlantic Sea Salt with a hint of Aran Dillisk (Santander 85%). I know. I had you at ‘roasted almonds and sea salt’. The three large bars arrived packaged in pretty, muted pastel wrapping, in a neat brown box. Enclosed was detailed information on ingredient sources, the logic for the flavour pairings and instructions on how best to enjoy the contents. I loved them all even the bitter Santander. I’m a bit of a chocolate-fiend and these flavour combinations made for an entirely new tasting experience.

If you’re on the hunt for a gift for someone who takes their chocolate seriously, then look no further. Subscriptions start at €19.95 p/m. There’s just something about the idea of periodic chocolate deliveries that puts me in a good mood!



Maia Dunphy has joined the ranks of self-deprecating, irreverant parenting greats like Kate Kirby (Hurrah for Gin), Sarah Turner (The Unmumsy Mum) and Anna Whitehouse (Mother Pukka) with The M Word, her no-nonsense, advice-free frolic through the ‘messy maelstrom that is motherhood’. (Incidentally, wouldn’t this be a fun gang to hit the gin with? Throw in Amy Huberman, Sharon Horgan and some juniper berrries and we’d have right hoot.)
Thoughful gifts for women
Wanna be friends, Maia?
Mum to toddler Tom, Maia’s telling like it is and I love that she’s not trying to give actual parenting advice but more so offering a fist bump of solidarity to parents everywhere. If you like her blog, you’ll love this. She’s calling bullshit on unsolicited pregnancy advice, maternity style, the politics of borrowing, competitive parenting and lots more besides. It’s something to dip into when sleep deprivation means you can’t tackle a novel. There are lots of warm, witty, relatable ‘mamanecdotes’ (her word, not mine, sadly) and plenty of honest admissions that, like the rest of us, she’s mostly clueless and just trying to keep her toddler alive! Available from Gill Books and all major bookshops.



Don’t Kill My Vibe is an online jewellery store founded by Irish fashion designers, Ciara Stewart and Niamh Mooney in 2016. I recently stumbled upon them on Instagram and found myself reaching for my credit card. As you do. Usually when I’m on a jewellery website I need to wade through lots of products to find some that I love but not here. I literally wanted everything. They stock gorgeous pieces; necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. They do chunky, delicate, engraved, silver, gold, hammered, fringed. All entirely fabulous. The only other website that makes me want one of everything is Chupi and it’s a little out of my budget this year.

My favourite thing about Don’t Kill My Vibe is the fact that everything is very reasonably priced. Check out my faves and their price tags below. Secret Santa sorted.

Thoughful gifts for women
Rock the Boat Silver Earrings €14, Saturday Night Fever Hoops €16, Lil Hammered Delicate Disc Necklace €14, La Parisienne Fringe Earrings €20



Instagram is awash with letter boards and peg boards and it looks like they’re usurping the ubiquitous lightbox. Houseproud pals will love this fun, customizable board with an edgy throwback feel that’s, importantly, wonderfully Instagrammable. The perfect gift if the pressure of what to write in it doesn’t keep you awake at night.

thoughtful gifts for women
Are you even on Instagram if you don’t own one of these?

This one is from Find Me a Gift, a UK gifting company that stocks a whole host of gifts for everyone, including toys, home-ware, personalised crafts and stocking fillers. It’s currently half-price too at £27.99. Score!



One million disposable cups end up in landfill every minute. A sobering thought.  Reusable coffee cups are gaining in popularity and the Keepcup is king.  Designed to replica your regular coffee cup, all the while looking stylish and allowing you to stop adding to landfill every time to get your caffeine fix, the Keepcup does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s lightweight, unbreakable and available in a range of colours. You can even build you own online. Barista-friendly, it comes in 5 sizes: 4oz (espresso or machiato), 6 oz (flat white) and 8 oz (small), 12oz (medium) and 16oz (large). It’s made of BPA-free plastic and some cafes even offer a reduction in price if you BYO. Shop for one here.

Thoughtful gifts for women
A thoughtful, practical gift for the environmentally-conscious coffee lover in your life.



The Kind Twine Co. is a Wicklow-based gift box company selling carefully-curated gift boxes and care packages. Finn Hynes works with a number of  independent, Irish suppliers to create gorgeous gift boxes for for him and her, as well as Get Well Soon boxes and New Mum boxes.

Do you give wrapping lessons, Finn?

The contents are thoughtful and the packaging, beautiful. Expect books, artisan food items, natural wax candles, beauty products and more. Some of the gorgeous hand-picked brands include Dr Coys’  Brooke & Shoals, Nua Naturals, The Handmade Soap Company and Dublin Herbalists. Finn also adds a personal touch that you won’t get with the big retailers – a complimentary hand-written note in every box. Check out their Christmas gift boxes filled with handmade ceramic decorations, chocolate-covered cherries, candles and beauty products. Sold.

thoughtful gifts for women
Christmas Gift Box



MoMe (A Moment for Me) is the brainchild of Limerick-based Niamh McMahon. Her range of flash cards for grown-ups are designed to remind us to slow down a little and go easier on ourselves. They aim to promote mindfulness, positivity and self-love.

I wanted to create straight forward messages that are tangible; that you can stick anywhere you think you will see them. I have one in the mirror in my bedroom, one on my dressing table, one as a bookmark in my favourite recipe book. Place one anywhere you think you will notice it.

As someone who probably needs to practice a little more mindfulness day-to-day, I was happy to give the cards a whirl and I’m loving the little tangible visual cues and motivational insights that are scattered around my otherwise chaotic life. The teacher in me also loves their range of posters aimed at helping students stay calm and focused.

I love the bright colours and bold print and the sentiments are inspiring and encouraging. If you’re buying for someone who could do with a little mindful motivation, check out their Christmas gift sets.

thoughtful gifts for women

Have you spotted anything you fancy? Perhaps you’ve tried some of the products on the list? Would you add anything else? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 


  • * I was sent items from some of the businesses listed in return for my honest thoughts. I’ve also included brands that I have no relationship with.  As usual, the post includes my honest opinions and I only ever recommend stuff I genuinely like.
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    • Sinéad Reply

      They’re fab aren’t they? And loads of different colours. The glass ones are gorgeous.

  1. Argh, I need to stop reading your posts because every time I do I just want everything on the list. You always select the most gorgeous things! I haven’t seen any of these things on the list before but I want all of them! Especially the chocolate!

    • Sinéad Reply

      Aw thanks, Emma. Yes. The chocolate. The CHOCOLATE! 😉

  2. You have so many fabulous options here! I love the look of the The Kind Twine Co boxes. AND I didn’t know the M word wrote a book – I’m going to have a look for that. Thanks for the suggestions x

    • Sinéad Reply

      It’s VERY relatable, Becky. I really like her writing.

  3. Great suggestions s- only thing is I’d buy them for myself – forget presents 😂😂 Have always meant to try the Bia range so I’m just going to treat myself!!

    • Sinéad Reply

      Oh let me know how you get on if you do! It’s so lovely.

  4. Lots of beautiful ideas there but the one that really speaks to me is the Bean and Goose subscription box. If anyone bought me that we’d be best friends forever! Mich x

    • Sinéad Reply

      I think that one is speaking to a lot of people! Lol

  5. Lol, I am seriously not on trend without the letter board for Instagram! Oh yes please to the rest (except the coffee cup, we have one of those and it is handy).

    • Sinéad Reply

      Lol. You do! Peg boards do the same job and they’re even cheaper!

  6. Whilst I always buy the girls toys from high street shops. I like to buy friends and family from more independent shops. I love the retro peg board, I need one in my life. I love Find A Gift.

    • Sinéad Reply

      They’ve loads of lovely options. Happy shopping and happy Christmas! 🙂

  7. Ooh I love all of these things! I really want a retro peg board, I have one on my wish list!! Those keep cups are lovely too, so unusual!

    • Sinéad Reply

      Yes, the Keepcups are brilliant. I’m seeing more and more people with them. It’s great!

  8. I think this is the best gift guide for women I’ve read. I would happily receive anything on this list, especially the jewellery and chocolate

    • Sinéad Reply

      Strong words there! I’ll take that compliment and run with it! Ha ha. So glad you liked it!

  9. Have I spotted anything I fancy? Probably all of it, for me!! If someone gave me a KindTwine gift box, I would be over the moon especially! And chocolate subscription boxes? What a brilliant idea… I always find it difficult finding gift ideas for my Mum and sisters, but there’s lots of inspiration here. Thank you! 🙂

    • Sinéad Reply

      There’s just something about a gift box, isn’t there? And Finn chooses the contents so carefully. Thanks for your lovely comment. Happy shopping!

  10. Some great gifts . I have never heard of the m word and I’m a bit of a book worm so definately going to add this one to my Xmas list x

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  13. These are the perfect gift ideas for the twinkle of your life the lady who sprakel your days and shine your nights. i love the stuff you share and must follow the one for my sweetheart.

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