I’m a flake. It’s true. I lose wallets. I leave keys behind. I’m the person you see driving away from the filling station with a cup of coffee on on the roof. I’m often late and I can NEVER find my phone. When I first heard of the TrackR, my interest was piqued. I’d just spent almost two days searching for a lost wallet. I was ripe for picking.

Clearly I’m not a technology blogger. Keeping this website afloat is, by a long shot, the most technical thing I’m ever likely to do.  The TrackR is the first piece of technology that I’ve been asked to review but as soon as I figured out what this little device did, I knew I wanted one. In fact I wanted about fifteen!

What is the TrackR?

The very niftiest of yokes, it’s a coin-sized, wireless device which attaches to anything you’d like to track, making it possible to find misplaced items in seconds using your smartphone.

How does the TrackR work?

The TrackR attaches to any item via a loop-chain or a sticker pad. Using the TrackR app, you can locate it in seconds by ‘calling’ your missing item using Bluetooth. You don’t need to be connected to the internet for the device to work.

Why the TrackR is a parent’s best friend

Being a parent can be exhausting. Getting out the door with kids in tow can involve one seemingly impossible hurdle after another. How often have you been late because you’ve lost your keys or been left red-faced at the supermarket because you can’t remember where you put your wallet? It’s not just me, is it?

When truth be told, we’re all a bit frazzled due endless multitasking and reduced sleep. We’re never quite sure where we’ve put things down. When you’re hauling three shopping bags and a crying toddler from the car, it’s altogether common to leave your keys in the front door or your wallet in the boot. Add to that the fact that we’ve armies of  little ‘helpers’ who will ‘mind’ our phones in the undercarriage of their ride-ons or put remote controls in fridges, and we’ve a recipe for derangement.

What can the TrackR help me find?

Keys, wallets, remote controls, roaming pets, iPads and tablets, bikes, handbags, backpacks, lunch boxes, sports gear, instrument cases, phones.

What can’t the TrackR help me retrieve?

Sanity, pelvic muscle tone, lost sleep, full brain capacity, a pert bosom.TrackR colour choices

Additional Features We Love

  • Phone Finder: You can use the TrackR to find your lost phone in seconds! Press the button on your TrackR to ring your missing phone – even on silent. Genius! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve used this feature already. Trust me, it’s a game changer.
  • Crowd Locate: This is so clever: If you’re far away from your missing item, TrackR’s Crowd Locate network will show you its last location on a map. Basically, when another TrackR user walks by your item, you’ll receive a confidential location update.
  • LED Lights: It rings and lights up so you can even find the item in the dark.
  • Replaceable battery: The expected battery life is approximately one year, after which the CR2016 battery can be easily replaced.

TrackR Review

Tried and Tested

This thing is ridiculously handy.  I’ve used the device within our home (a LOT) and the sound emitted from the TrackR is clearly audible, even when buried deep beneath toy piles and laundry. It works within bluetooth range. If you leave an item out of range, then the app will give you details of the last location your phone connected to device. See, told you it was clever!

We chose (after much deliberation) to attach it to our remote control because as every parent knows, remote controls seems to have mysterious powers of attraction when you’re a sticky-fingered toddler. In the past six months alone, we’ve found our remote in the lego box, the laundry basket, the food cupboard, the coal bunker and the footmuff of the buggy. trackR Pixel

Is it worth your money?

The TrackR Pixel is shipped from the US. It costs $29.99 plus postage of $9.99 which works out at approximately €33 shipped to Ireland.  A small price to pay for time, sanity and harmony, surely? A gift for the forgetful, perhaps? I’ve used it a LOT. I really struggled to decide what item needed it more, so I think I’m going to pick up a second one for my keys. Just in case!


The people at TrackR have kindly offered to make one reader’s life infinitely easier buy giving them their own TrackR Pixel. To enter simply leave a comment below stating what you’d use your TrackR for. Easy!

And if you can’t wait and want to buy your own now, you can get 15% off your first purchase with the code SUPERPARENT at the checkout. 

If losing your keys, your phone or the remote control is causing you to lose your mind, then this is the gadget for you! TrackR Review & Giveaway!

Competition Terms & Conditions: 

  • Competition closes at 6pm on Monday,  September 25th,  2017 and winner will be notified via email. 
  • The prize is a TrackR Pixel, the provision of which is the responsibility of TrackR. No cash alternative will be offered.
  • The competition is open to anyone aged 18 and over. 
  • The winners will be chosen at random.
  • The competition is not affiliated with Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.



  1. Michelle Scully Reply

    Brilliant device! Would also need about 15! I would put it on car keys, both sets,and phone.

  2. Ooooh this is fab! Need at least 5… wonder can I stick them on a child… 🤔 For sure keys, phone, dinky apple TV remote…. sanity!?

  3. I need this, I would use it to finally silence my husband. “You’ve lost it again? Why can’t you just put back where you got it?” I would never need to hear that phrase again!

  4. Oh this is genius! I need this for my phone. Once when I was in the newborn fog with youngest, I had to take oldest to her swimming lesson and my mum came along to help. As we were leaving to go back home I ended up putting my phone on top of my mum’s car roof. I then realised what I had done and I had to run after her car down the road. I finally caught up with her at the traffic lights. It was a miracle I managed to get it before it slid off!

  5. oh i think these should be essential for all phones, keys…kids! lol Seriously though i am always putting things down and forgetting where i left them so this would be super handy!

  6. 100% the remote… has previously been found in the seat of Toodles the ride on, at the bottom of the animal box, the bath, the freezer and the boot of the car. I can only blame my children for a couple of these!

    • Sinéad Reply

      You’re the winner, Sinead! Dropping you an email now so we can get a TrackR Pixel to you before the remote disappears again! 😉

  7. Georgina Carey Reply

    Oh the remote here; has a way of ending up anywhere!!! Shame about the non retrievables 😆😆

  8. This sounds like something I need in my life! Forever misplacing my keys, fire stick remote, phone etc!

  9. This is fabulous would need a few of them for my wallet phone keys and remote control but if I had to pick one it would be the remote control for sky tv constantly going missing and kids misplacing it I spend hours looking for it!

  10. We found our Apple TV remote recently after a three month holiday so it would definitely be my first pick!

  11. What a brilliant idea! I’d love this for both the keys and the ridiculously tiny Apple remote, which goes missing on average 327 times a day!!!

  12. Sinead, my first time to comment on your blog as I really want the TrackR. I’m the very proud aunt and godmother of this marvellous mother blogger. Sinead, it must be a family failing not being able to find our phones. My poor husband is fed up to the teeth, of me asking him to ring my phone. If I don’t win the TrackR I will definitely buy one for myself!

  13. This sounds great! I’m always losing my things. Glasses and keys being the main ones. My boyfriend bought me a chain for my glasses to stop me losing them. He made a joke about me matching my Nan.. I wasn’t impressed!

  14. Could it locate my husband for bath time with three crazy ‘mermaids’?

  15. I like this, it is so useful and it woudl definitely be our remotes controls that it woud need to attach to. I can never find those. Mich x

  16. I would definitely need one for my phone! Always loosing it, yesterday I felt it Smiths on the photo copy pile.I didn’t realise until 15 minutes later when I was across the road in another shop.

  17. I so need one of these for my hone! I lose it every time I put it down, I even spend ages looking for it only to realise that I’m on it! My memory is terrible, this would save me hours!

  18. I think I would definitely use one for the keys! It’s causes considerable confusion and frustration in this house regularly. Most of the time because Ned has gone walk about with them.

  19. We absolutely NEED this in our house!!! I’d tell you that I need it for my husband and he is unreal with the amount of times he looses his keys (or phone – how cool that it’s a two way thing) but, ahem, I may have had to use my spare key this morning so maybe I could do with it too (of course I am blaming my OH for my missing keys, sure it might be true! 😉 ) Fingers crossed!

  20. Sounds like a great idea .. coukd use it n our house with 2 lil monkeys n the house

  21. Can I attach to my head? Seriously I’m forever losing things. Would definitely put on my keys.

  22. This sound amazing! Would love to win it and I probably need about 10 of them but priority would be attaching it to my keys which I loose about 5 times a day!

  23. I would love this to help me not lose my mind. I don’t think that it can help with that though but I am forever losing my keys and phone so I would love a TrackR to reduce the stress involved in looking for my keys when I am already late for work!

  24. I’d definitely use this on 2 things… The twins Nintendo ds (as one always vanishes) and the remote. Two important devices in my life not afraid to admit it 😂 😂

  25. There is same tracker named Nut Find.
    Nut Find is Light, cheap, reliable, long-lasting battery, Doesn’t drain your phone’s battery, portable, nice looking, well-thought software and feature set, multiple Nuts can be connected to one device. Nut Find is a Bluetooth and GPS tracker which connects with mobile app.

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