I’m always wary of attempting to define or label the kids but suffice it to say the four-year-old is as much about climbing trees and building Lego as she is about dolls and unicorns. In the past six months, however, she’s had an awakening of sorts. Her head has been turned by the shiny tiaras and elaborate garb of a host of Barbie dolls we’ve been handed down and gifted along the way. She dresses and brushes and inspects and invents. She admires and imagines. She’s started to watch me dress and put on make-up with deep interest and I’m faced with the sobering reminder that I have a duty to create a body-positive environment and raise body-confident kids. Yikes! Lottie Dolls 


No parent has much time for Barbie or her ilk for obvious reasons. The tiny waist, gigantic bosom and general smugness of the high-living blonde is enough to cause any normal woman to snarl and grumble, let alone a woman who has surrendered her body to child bearing and child rearing. It seems illogical that such unusual body proportions should be normalised in play and that our daughters and sons should think that this shape is something to aspire to, doesn’t it? While thankfully we’ve yet to properly encounter them, Bratz and Monster High dolls send even more worrying messages with their fishnet-clad, midrif-baring and entirely over-sexualised version of Girl Power. What’s a parent to do? Lottie Dolls


Lottie! Innocent, normal Lottie. We love her. The girls love her. I love her. She’s like the wholesome, well-mannered kid you want your kid hanging out with. Lottie’s message is this: Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You. Lottie, Finn (the boy doll) and their ethnically diverse friends have been designed ‘to empower children to be themselves, be imaginative and most of all – to have fun’. Lottie Dolls look like kids and they dress like kids. Lottie doesn’t wear make-up, jewellery or heels. She doesn’t look like she belongs on the cover of FHM, nor does she sport attire characteristic of a lady of the night.

Lottie Dolls Review 
So many reasons to love Lottie Dolls (Image credit: lottie.com)

‘Intelligent and imaginative, Lottie is brave and has gumption.’ She’s inspired by bright, courageous female literary characters like Jo from ‘Little Women’, George from ‘The Famous Five’ and Hermione Granger – smart, feisty and not scared to take risks. Let’s face it. Any one of those would kick Barbie’s perky ass cheeks any day. Lottie Dolls Review 

Lottie Doll

THE RANGE Lottie Dolls 

The ever-expanding range is inspired by activities that excite little imaginations. There’s Stargazer Lottie, Always Artsy Lottie, Fossil Hunter Lottie and Kyte Flyer Finn among so many others. We struggled to choose two and settled on Muddy Puddles Lottie (we live in the rainy West so it was a no-brainer) and because our little one is loving her fairy door at the moment, Forest Friend Lottie. We were also sent the Pandora accessory pack. There really is something for everyone. Each doll has its own personality and comes with a back story on the box, making them even more engaging and relatable. Lottie Dolls Review 

Lottie Dolls Review 

OUR THOUGHTS Lottie Dolls 

The dolls and the accessories we were sent went down VERY well with the two girls.

  1. We loved the funky colourful clothes and we especially loved that poor Lottie didn’t need to be double-jointed to get them on and off. The four-year-old could dress and undress the dolls independently. Phew!
  2. Everything is of super quality, down to the smaller pieces in the accompanying accessories’ package. Despite my two-year-old having a good chew on the heel of Forest Friend Lottie, these dolls will go the distance.
  3. We loved that there are boy dolls in the range. In fact, she’s already requested Finn!
  4. We of course LOVE the message behind this brand. We love that she’s a fun-loving, imaginative, relatable kid.
  5. Finally, we loved that these guys are based in Donegal. Hurrah for keeping it Irish!


Fancy winning a Lottie Doll? We’re giving one away. You can win either a Muddy Puddles Lottie or Forest Friend Lottie and stash it away for Christmas. Yes, I just said the C word!

To enter:

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  3. Let us know which one you’d prefer in the comments below.
Lottie Dolls Review 
Image credit: lottie.com

Terms and conditions: 

  • Entrants must be over 18.
  • Competition open worldwide.
  • Prize must be claimed withing one week of the competition closing.
  • Forwarding of the prize is the responsibility of Lottie Dolls.
  • Competition closes on Friday, August 25th at 9pm.
  • Email addresses are required for entry.  Email addresses will not be displayed on the blog, nor will they be shared with third parties outside the competition host company.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. As Lottie Doll Ambassadors, we were sent two dolls and accessories so we could share our experiences. All thoughts are my own. This post contains affiliate links. Find out more about what that means here

Buy Lottie direct from Lottie.com. Join Club Lottie to get 10% off your first Lottie order! Irish stockists include Toys & Games Ireland, Giggle & Play and Art & Hobby

We're proud ambassadors for Lottie Dolls! Find out what we love about more these award-winning, age-appropriate dolls and accessories...

We're proud Lottie Doll Ambassadors. Find out more about these award-winning, age-appropriate dolls and be in with a chance to win your own Lottie!




  1. Paula sheehy Reply

    Would love the muddy puddle one as we are just in the door after jumping in muddy puddles outside, so it must be a sign ????????

  2. Aw these are adorable. We’d love the muddy puddles since we also love ❤️ jumping in muddy puddles!

  3. Triona Doyle Reply

    My niece loves Lottie dolls and fairies so Forest Friends Lottie would go down very well!

  4. Aine Doherty Cahill Reply

    I’d love Muddy Puddles Lottie as her bright yellow jacket matches my daughter’s! But if I’m honest I think Lucy would prefer Forest Friends Lottie as she’s all about fairies these days!

  5. I love the range of Lottie dolls you can get. One to suit your child and their personality! My two love them and she is far better than the awful Barbie (who I won’t even let in our house!) Fab post and comp. we would love muddy puddles Lottie!

  6. Either! Both look great and I would love one for my little girl for Christmas

  7. Oh would love either.well my little girl would love jumping in muddy puddles dressed as a forest fairy ,wellies and raincoat too 🙂

  8. These Lottie dolls are so much better then the barbies with the big boobs, titchy waist and heels! I think kids would be able to relate so much more to these dolls that are dressed in today’s clothing and flat boots to jump in muddy puddles with is a must! So wish these dolls were around when my girls were younger!

  9. These are beautiful!! Forest friends Lottie definitely, my daughter is obsessed with fairies x

  10. Helen Kennedy Reply

    Would love the Forest friends Lottie doll for my little girl. She got a gift of a Back to School Lottie yesterday from Tricia O’brien and she loves it!

  11. Sarah Conroy Reply

    Forest friend for a little girl who loves fairies and who has a birthday coming up. Love the ethos behind these dolls! Thanks ????

  12. Jennifer Bruce Reply

    Our daughter would love the Muddy Puddles Lottie! It’s her favourite thing to do, thanks to a well known little pig….

  13. I love the idea of these – dolls that look like kids rather than dolled up adults! So much more relateable and realistic for children. My son has a doll (a baby we got him to prepare him for his little brother), but so far hasn’t shown too much interest – I wonder if these would be more appealing!

  14. Congratulations on becoming a Lottie Ambassador – we adore Lottie in our house for the reasons you talk about. It’s lovely to see a doll that’s based on real children 🙂

  15. We love Lottie dolls – they are just the kind of doll that I want my children to play with and I love everything they stand for. We would love to win any of these dolls, my girls are obsessed with all of them!

  16. These dolls look perfect for us. My daughter has a yellow rain coat too. Far better than barbie.

  17. Poppy would be happy with any, as all her dolls and toys are usually hand me downs being number three ???? Forest fairy Lottie would probably be the favourite though!

  18. I was a huge fan of barbie when I was younger, but as a parent I would like my girls to play with something a little more age appropriate. Children seem to grow up so fast these days, I love how these dolls look like kids and are not pushing unrealistic ideals onto younger minds. We would love the forest friends doll.

  19. joanne casey Reply

    Muddle puddles please, love the Lottie dolls, so much more appropriate than the likes of Barbie & Bratz

  20. These look absolutely fabulous! I love the range of hair and skin tones. I wonder if my little boy would like them, he likes babies but I’ve never seen him with a doll he might though!

  21. Lottie Dolls are such an awesome idea. Stargazer Lottie is probably my favourite, but they’re all fantastic!

  22. Caroline O'Leary Reply

    Would love a forest friend Lottie doll for my 5 year old Aoibhínn! She could bring her for walks in the park!

    • Sinéad Reply

      Hey Caroline. Congratulations! You’re the winner. I’m dropping you an email now. Thanks to everyone who entered. Stay tuned to my social media for details of upcoming competitions! 🙂

  23. Donna Phillips Reply

    My little girl Anna would be thrilled with either!! They are both fab!

  24. Donna Phillips Reply

    My little girl Anna would be thrilled with either!! They are both fab! Xx

  25. Georgina Carey Reply

    Always loved Lottie dolls; Kayla has the one with the horse riding gear. She’d love any of them!

  26. Helena Barry Reply

    Muddy puddles lotties. Heard about them delighted to know what they look like now. And brilliant that they are a irish company.

  27. Sheila Docherty Reply

    Absolutely love the detail put into these dolls. I would love the Muddy Puddles doll please.

  28. Sinead higgins Reply

    Muddy puddles – these are the perfect doll for a tomboy who hates ‘fashion’, fairies, anything pink etc’ like my almost 7 year old! Nice to buy Irish also! Great dolls

  29. Sinead higgins Reply

    The perfect doll for my almost 7 tomboy – muddy puddles! Must check out range as looking for scientist doll and a ‘scientist’ barbie is not coming into my house! Thankfully my daughter hates them too! Great Irish made doll.

    • Sinéad Reply

      Lottie have a whole STEM range, Sinead. They’re fab. There’s a link on their site.

  30. Would love to win either doll for my 5 year old, they are really cool

  31. Ciara Fields Reply

    Love the muddy puddles doll, I was looking at her this morning with my daughter ☺️☺️

  32. Sinéad Reply

    Congratulations to the winner, Caroline O’Leary! Hope your little lady has lots of fun with Forest Friend Lottie! Thanks again to everyone who entered. Stay tuned to my social media for details of upcoming competitions – there’s usually something around the corner! 🙂 If you have your heart set on a Lottie Doll, follow the link about to join Club Lottie and get 10% off your order!

    • Sinéad Reply

      They’re really lovely. Let me know what you think if you pick one up for your daughter!

  33. I am really liking these Lottie dolls. They are such great little characters and it sounds as though a lot of thought has gone into them. Such a positive role model for children too x

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