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So, I’ve not quit but I have been MIA over the Easter. Sick kids and school holidays have slowed me down but I’m still hanging on – by a thread perhaps – but I WILL GET THERE! I’m stuck on just over 4K and I’ve a week to build up to 5K because my first ‘race’ (that makes me laugh because I won’t be in any hurry) is on the 25th. In 6 days. Yikes!

Be grand.

Because of the series of unfortunate events (a.k.a. perfect excuses) over the last fortnight, the mojo was definitely lost. It was hard for me too get off my ass and just run. I’m not sure why but I do know that it was mightily bloody unfortunate considering I’m really nearly there.  So, in the interest of copping the feck on, I’m sharing some words of wisdom from seasoned runner, blogging mum and all round funny girl, Ranji from Tooting Mama. Her advice on what to do if you find that you’re losing your running mojo is practical, realistic and achievable. This was just the kind of thing I needed to put me back in the right frame of mind. I love LOVE idea of the running jar! I’m ALL over it like a sock on a sweaty foot. And the shopping. I’m all over that too.

Mom to 5K

In the week ahead I’ll be running three times and building up to 5K for Tuesday night’s run. It’s likely that the ‘race’ will be my first time actually running 5K but sure what harm, eh? I’m optimistic. Or stupid. Either way, it’s happening. Oh and I won’t be completing anything in 30 minutes. Under 40 is my goal. I’m not completely deluded.

I’ve now abandoned the C25K app and I’m using Runkeeper and running according to distance as opposed to time. I’m still finding it really hard but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I probably always will. I’ll never be the kind of person who smiles while they run and says things like ‘great workout.’ And that’s OK.


mom t o 5k Ranji is a mother of two who recently moved from Tooting in London to Paris. She blogs about parenting with a focus on adoption, as well as travel, fitness, food and life in her new city. She writes with honesty and humour about the changes and challenges motherhood, adoption and relocation can bring and her blog is definitely worth checking out.

I know I posted a similar post a while back on how to not quit but I liked these handy tips so much I had to share them. They’re particularly handy for the likes of me who finds it easier to make an excuse than to make the time. Consider my wrists slapped.


It started to ebb away about three months ago. Before that I was regular, routine, just got up, got out and did it. Now, nada, nothing, rien.

I’ve lost my running mojo.

I’ve run since 2004, it is the source of my sanity, it’s my prozac.

Running has got me through IVF, miscarriages, adoption and now being a mum. But for some reason, I’ve lost my love and passion for running.

I think my running mojo is stuck in the bottom of a glass of red wine, inside that nice packet of chocolate (have you tasted Lindt dark chocolate with a touch of salt?), snuggled up with me in bed.

How will I get over this?

I’ve sat down with my inner running coach we’ve come up with some ways to try and get my running mojo back.

1. Retail therapy – that can help

Hmmm good idea.

I’ll think I might just do that. I’ll treat myself to some new running gear, I haven’t bought any for ages.

My favourite shops for running kit are Decathlon for good quality gear at a decent price, H&M for gear that’s sleek and stylish, and Uniqlo for quality basics.

I probably won’t be splashing out Ivy Park – I think I’d look a bit odd with Kale scrawled on my chest.

But if I want something super special I do like a bit of Sweaty Betty (and they ship to France!)

2. What about rewarding yourself after each run? 

Oooh I like that! New shoes? New handbag? I can feel the credit card hotting up.

OK. Maybe something a little smaller.

I know a running jar. For every run I do I will pop a Euro in the jar. Then maybe I can get those shoes and handbags.

3. Would a running buddy help?

When I was living in London, I had running buddies.

When my motivation was lagging, knowing that I arranged to meet up for a run would get me out the house. You can’t lose your running mojo when you’ve made a deal with your running buddy.

Runners rule – you don’t run out on you’re running buddy.

That’s it I need a new running buddy!

4. Think about the benefits of running and how amazing you feel afterwards!

That is so true. After a run I always feel exhilarated yet exhausted, it’s a fantastic feeling.

According to Runners World (June 2016) running will:

  • Make me feel happy
  • Help me get fitter
  • Strengthen my bones
  • Keep my mind sharp
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Add years to my life

5. Why did you start running in the first place?

For me running is about keeping my head together. I know that after a run I feel insanely great.

I first started running to shift weight before I started fertility treatment.The weight shifted, I didn’t get pregnant, but I could wear skinny jeans.

Now, running will be about getting out, to make me feel amazing, and to really appreciate this beautiful city I live in.

Maybe the mojo is on the way back…now where’s that glass of red wine?

Read Ranji’s full, original post which details even more ways to fight exercise ennui on You can also find Tooting Mama on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This is it, then! 

The next time I post I’ll be documenting the 5K run! I’ll have done it. I hope. Have you put me to shame and beaten me to the finish line? I know some of you have. REALLY well done! You guys are amazing! I’m a teensy bit jealous but I’m going to channel the envy in a positive way and use it to drive on the old legs next Tuesday night.

If you’re like me and you hit a few stumbling blocks, have you managed to pick yourself back up again? Perhaps you have some more tips to share on getting that mojo back? We’d love to hear them. Come visit the Shinners & the Brood Facebook page for more discussion and updates and as usual, I’ll be whining about failures and the ‘race’ on Insta Stories and maybe even whooping about a final win! Stay tuned! 🙂
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This week's running post features seasoned runner, Ranji from Tooting Mama talking about losing your running mojo and how you can get it back.

Feature image by Emma Simpson on Unsplash



  1. ???? you can do it! You’ve done really well, honestly, I didn’t even download the app!! Ha. Good luck for Tuesday ????????‍♀️

  2. Awww thanks, lovely! You can do it! I’ve got my trainers on and am hitting the roads today! Just the kind of motivation I need too!

  3. Ah good luck! You’ll be fab! These are great tips, I love the retail therapy too, I love buying new work out clothes! And the jar is a fab idea too. I really miss running but my feet/calves have issues – now I have insoles I need some new trainers then I could get back on it! It is true, there’s no feeling like it afterwards, it’s kind of addictive I think xx

  4. Wow I feel so lazy now! I totally agree sick kids make you lose your mojo. I’m not a runner but had been making good strides with my latest project – trying to keep the house tidy and decluttering our crap. But one nasty gastrobug that took us all out, and I am struggling to get back that motivation! Maybe I can apply some of the same principles!

  5. Ah fab guest post, it kind of actually makes me want to start running again 🙂 The only thing I can liken it to is my blogging mojo leaving me, which it often does these days. Not the same thing at all but its the best I can do to compare 😉 Anyway, you’ll get there, I mean clearly you’ll have to as you have the race so good luck and godspeed! 😉 Another fab post, thanks for sharing this one on #MarvMondays too. Emily

  6. Hello dearest Sinead!
    I really enjoy your article! It’s so easy to loose one’s motivation for any type of exercise – and anything in life really.
    Personally I find it comes with thinking we need to effort to achieve something! I found that turning it around by completely relaxing in every moment helps so much.
    You might enjoy this article about the topic:
    With love,

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