My four-year-old will start school in Autumn. She’s already excited at the prospect so I don’t think the transition from preschool to primary school is going to be too difficult for her. (Famous last words!) That being said, I’m conscious of not underestimating how much of a change it will be, so we’re now engaging in the delicate business of remaining altogether chipper about ‘big school’ without spilling into over-enthusiasm, thus completely freaking her out.

When I was invited to review the Kiddicone, I knew that I’d have two eager and willing reviewers. I showed them the product online and they instantly declared themselves in!

What is a Kiddicone? 

‘Kiddicone – The Perfect Gift to Celebrate First Day at School’
The Kiddicone is inpired by the German tradition, Schultüte, which dates back to the 1800s and involves gifting a child with treats and school-related items in a large cone, in an effort to build some positive excitement around the occasion of starting primary school. is a UK-based company which sells both filled and unfilled cones online.
Celebrate a once in a lifetime event in a really special and memorable way with a vibrant gift by Kiddicone, available in a range of fun and popular children’s designs… sure to surprise and delight children starting school .

I chose the gender-neutral Friends cone but there were other options available: Pirates, Princess, Owls and Dinosaurs. On arrival, the packaged cone generated massive excitement and certainly had the ‘wow’ factor. Strict rules about grabbing and snatching were necessary to avoid a looting frenzy upon opening it, such was their excitement.  At 70cm long, the cone was much bigger than I expected. The packaging was strong and sturdy and it was full to the brim with treats and goodies.

What’s inside? 

Kiddicone Review

  • Crayola colouring pencils
  • Crayola crayons
  • Anker modelling dough
  • Systema drinks bottle
  • Sticker book
  • Coloured craft paper
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Keyring
  • Bubble wand
  • Balloons
  • Travel tissues
  • A wooden yoyo
  • Raisins
  • Walkers Crisps
  • Fruit Pastilles
  • Mini Maryland cookies
  • Cadbury’s white and milk chocolate buttons
  • (Lots of) chewy sweets
  • Lollipops
  • Individual Celebrations sweets

Kiddicone review

Pricing & Ordering: 

Unfilled Kiddicone: £14.95/€17.25 each
Filled Kiddicone: £37.95/€43.75 each
Free UK delivery. €5.75 per order delivery to Ireland.
Kiddicones are available from www.kiddicone.comAmazon & Ebay.

Our Verdict 

The Positives

  1. Starting school is a big deal and I love the idea of celebrating this milestone with little ones.
  2. There was a really good selection of treats inside, all of which would excite any four-year-old.
  3. Delivery was prompt.
  4. The packaging  was strong, colourful and of really good quality. In fact, the empty cone is now being used as a toy/fashion accessory.
  5. I was delighted to see that the pencils and crayons were branded. We’re Crayola fans.
  6. The Systema drinks bottles are perfect for lunch boxes and we have always used them.
  7. You can never really have enough craft supplies and sticker books for a rainy day.
  8. The smaller toys like the yoyo, the bubble wand, the dough and the balloons were right up the four-year-old’s street.
  9. The tissues were a clever, practical addition.
  10. The kids genuinely loved it. Their excitement reminded me of rummaging through stockings on Christmas morning.

The Negatives

  1. The cone contained a lot of sugary snacks which I don’t think were necessary. Most primary schools have healthy eating policies and the inclusion of chocolate, crisps and sweets, in my opinion, doesn’t send the right message. We’re not a sugar-free household by any stretch and from time to time the kids will get sweets and chocolate but, as a parent of kids who go a little nuts on refined sugar, I’d much rather healthier snacks were included or, better still, more craft/school-related contents instead.
  2. The filled cones are quite expensive and September is a very costly month for parents. As a consumer, I would need to feel that the collective value of the contents and packaging reflected the purchase price. With the inclusion of more stationery & craft items and less sweets, I would be more likely to feel that I was getting value for money. The unfilled cone offers an opportunity to spend as much or as little as you like on the contents and to include items of your own choosing but at over €20 delivered to Ireland, they too are quite expensive.


I think the Kiddicone is a really nice way of celebrating an important milestone and it would make a gorgeous, once-off gift for a child starting school. While yes, a filled cone is expensive, it’s more than the sum of its parts, with packaging and a selection of aptly chosen contents that would make any preschooler leap with excitement. I’d love to see the sugary contents replaced with either something healthier, some more stationery supplies or a toy.


The very kind Kiddicone people are offering a filled Kiddicone to a Shinners & the Brood reader worth €50.  


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            b) Pirates
            c) Princess
            d) Dinosaurs
            e) Owls


Competition Terms & Conditions: 

  • The closing date is 11:59 pm on Monday,  April 17th,  2017.
  • The winner will be notified via email within 3 days of the competition closing. 
  • The prize is a filled Kiddicone of your choosing. No cash alternative will be offered.
  • The competition is open to UK and ROI entrants only.
  • The winners will be chosen at random using
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Disclosure: I was offered a Kiddicone in exchange for writing this review.  As is the case with all of the reviews on Shinners & the Brood, I’ve documented my honest thoughts on the product.

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  1. In Germany there’s a tradition called Schultüte which celebrates a child’s first day at school. Children are given a giant cone full of treats and small gifts to really mark the occasion and now Kiddicone offer 70cm cones packed full of presents for any child starting school.

  2. These look great to mark the start of school. I agree though that they probably don’t need to include all of the sugary snacks, more craft stuff would be better! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza, hope to see you again next week xx

  3. This is such a good idea! Like you I would agree that they are maybe a bit heavy on the sugar sweets. Perhaps more emphasis could be put on the pencil/rubber/crayon side of things instead – especially as they’re the sorts of things needed for school anyway.

    My nephew starts school in August and would love a pirates one

  4. What an interesting concept. I like the idea of celebrating the start of school though, it would help take the nerves away!! #marvmondays

  5. Louise Dalton Reply

    my nearly 5 year old is heading to junior infants in september & would love a dinosaur one!

  6. They really do have the wow factor, they look brilliant. I think in this house Mammy would be claiming the sweetie contents! Dinosaurs all the way.

  7. This is a really lovely idea. It also looks like good value for money too. However, I agree that perhaps it is a little sugar heavy. It would be nice to see some healthy alternatives. However, the other gifts all look brilliant and my two would be delighted to receive this.

  8. Such a great concept. I 100% agree on the need to rethink the sugar content. It’s actually a very old-fashioned idea to give small children that much sugar.

  9. We reviewed a kiddicone but it was just the shell/packaging that was sent to us a couple of years back. Not so sure about the contents but like the shape of them! #MarvMondays

  10. Rebecca Conneely Reply

    They look great, I agree with the sweets content but maybe I could hijack them before giving to the KIDS! I’d love the friends one if I’m lucky enough to win thanks!

  11. Oh wow I love this, I actually can’t believe that they managed to fit all those treats into the cone!! I agree it is a little expensive but for a special occasion I think it would be worth it. I’m tempted to get one of these for Harri’s first day in September.

  12. Christine Connolly Reply

    Lovely idea! I had never heard of them before. My little boy starts school in September and his little brother will be starting Montessori, great excitement altogether. They would love dinosaurs ????

  13. This is a great idea. My eldest starts in September and she is not excited….. May need all the help I can get. I agree with you about all the sugary treats and your sensible suggestions for stationary. That seems much more appropriate.
    Thank you for joining the #BigPinkLink

  14. This is a great idea although I agree with you about the snacks and treats! However, would happily win one – the Princess one would be fab if I was lucky enough to win! #blogstravaganza

  15. Lorrayne Bradley Reply

    Dinosaur one please…my house is Dino mad at the min!

  16. It took me a while to work out what these were when we first moved to Germany. Such a fab idea! x #bigpinklink

  17. This is such a great tradition, Monkey started school last Sept and I would have totally brought one of these for him. Although I do agree with you I would like to see less sweets and more stationary for the same reasons. Maybe they should offer a reduced sugar option under each theme.

  18. I must say this is a very pleasant experience for me to visit your awesome blog. I am also a blogger and running my own Gifts blog successfuly. I really liked some features of your blog. Thmub up for your success and Good Luck. Thanks

  19. The cone looks like a great fun idea. It looks like its a really good size with plenty of goodies inside. I take your point about all the sugary treats. If I was going to get one, I think I would get it unfilled and put things in myself.

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