My Nametags have been around for quite a while and have always been on my list of things to buy. Every August I think of them, subsequently forget to place an order and then, on the night before the new school term starts, you’ll find me faffing with some kind of permanent marker, scrawling initials on the possessions of the eldest two. Imagine my delight when My Nametags got in touch asking if I’d review their labels? I love a good label. Heck, I own a label-maker, so these babies were right up my street.

What are My Nametags?

Iron-on & stick-on labels for clothing, stationery, fabric, shoes, plastic and pretty much anything you can think of, used by parents of forgetful children everywhere.

my nametags

Their Claims

  1. A range of designs
  2. Easy online ordering
  3. Easy to Apply
  4. Durable & long-lasting
  5. Waterproof
  6. Dishwasher/microwave/steriliser safe
  7. Quick delivery

My nametags

Did they deliver on their promises?

Let’s see, shall we?
  1. A range of designs – There’s no shortage of designs. From footballs to flowers, teddies to tractors, there’s a design for everyone. With over 200 colourful icons, an additonal 200 backgrounds and a range of fonts, my kids had lots of fun designing their labels. Some branded labels are also on offer, including Mr. Men and Hello Kitty.
  2. Easy online ordering – Absolutely foolproof. A step-by-step process lets you design and view your finished labels before buying.
  3. Easy to Apply – There are two options; stick-on and iron-on. Both very quick and easy to apply. The sticker is obviously the easier of the two.
  4. Durable & long-lasting – Since I’m new to the product, I got in touch with some friends who’ve been using My Nametags for years to see if they’re as good as they sound. Turns out they are. Two friends have been using them on their babies’ bottles, containers and clothing for creche for two and three years respectively. Yes, that’s the same stickers. For three years. And they’re still intact and haven’t faded. Both labels come with a ten year guarantee so I wasn’t surprised.
  5. Waterproof – Washing machines and dishwashers have had no impact on the labels I’ve used or on the labels of other mums I consulted for the purpose of the review.
  6. Dishwasher/microwave/steriliser safe. Yes, yes and yes.
  7. Quick delivery – The website says you’ll have your stickers within ten days. I had two separate orders and both were delivered within three days.
my nametags
Ordering was simple and straightforward.

My thoughts:

  • I really like the product. I like anything that will save me hassle and time and I’m generally happy to throw cash at a problem as long as I feel it represents value for money.
  • Pricing starts at €16.95 including p&p. Coloured and branded labels are more expensive than black and white ones and while they’re very sweet and I think that 180 stickers for €18.95 represents much better value for money. They’re not cheap and you might argue that this is a corner to be cut at an already expensive time of year and that’s understandable. While you can’t split packets to include more than one name, you could instead just use the family surname and get one family set.
  • Perfect for:
    1. creches/childcare – bottles, sippy-cups, food containers, creams & lotions, medicine, clothing, shoes, wellies, outerwear.
    2. schools & camps – lunchboxes, pencil cases, pencils and crayons, drinks bottles, uniforms, outerwear, PE gear, hats, etc.
    3. special teddies and blankets that leave the house – we’ve all lost something irreplaceable and dealt with the fallout.
  • Wasted on books and folders: Personally I’d use regular stickers on books and folders. I’ve done so on the past and while they may tear and rip, they’re easily and cheaply replaced. I’d save these gems for things that get more wear and tear, things that regular paper stickers won’t adhere to and things that get washed.
  • Include your phone-number on all of the stickers so that your child will always have it on their person.
  • I’d personally choose the stickers over the iron-ons. While the iron-ons are specifically designed for clothing, the stickers will last just as well if applied to the care labels. And let’s face it, who wants to take out the iron unnecessarily? In fact, who wants to take it out at all!
  • I have it on good authority that long-suffering primary teachers love this product and I totally get it. These are people who are dealing with an average of 30 coats, 60 gloves and 360 colouring pencils on any given day.

my nametags

Do you really need My Nametags?

At the end of the day, you can, of COURSE, use a marker. I bought a Sharpie specifically for clothing and I’ve used it on my eldest’s uniform and soccer gear. It’s fine. It works. It does fade and bleed after a few washes, however, and I’ve had to redo it a number of times. But that’s OK too. You may not NEED these labels. There are are other, cheaper solutions. But man are they handy! You’ll WANT them! I want them. I can safely say that I’ll be buying more when my current supply is depleted. And 180 labels will probably see me through my kids’ primary schooling!

Disclosure: I was sent two packets of coloured iron-on labels and two packets of sticker labels for the purpose of this review. This post represents my honest feedback on the product; all opinions and words are my own. 

 * Shoe (feature) image and & Hello Kitty image credit to

 Durable, washproof labels that will make any parent's life just a little bit easier. Read our full review of My Nametags here and enter our giveaway!


  1. Jenni Owen-Thomas Reply

    If I say he makes ME lose my mind does that count? 😉

    Seriously though, toys, art supplies, shoes, hoodies. And with starting school in September we really need these!

    • Sinéad Reply

      Yeah, it totally does! Lol. Hoodies are a killer. (Melodramatic statement of the week).

  2. Ds loses everything… unfair comment? No as he has lost a coat (seriously a good m&s coat on a preschool trip years ago – never got over that one actually!) , a rain jacket (again an eye rolling moment recollecting that), hats, books, footballs, homework, jumpers……..

  3. Little one loses everything from pencils to school bags and jumpers to coats and as for hats, well at least the weather getting a bit better ????

  4. Laura Illand Reply

    What Georgina said above ⬆️ My eldest loses EVERYTHING. 2 coats this year. Water bottles, football gloves, lunch supplies, books. If it’s not attached to him there’s a good chance it won’t come home ????

  5. We have these name tags and I can vouch for how good they are! We use them for nursery primarily as it’s important that we have his name and contact details on, it’s just easier to use a stick on label. We’ve got some on our bottles and they’ve survived months of being sterilised, soaked, washed, manhandled… the list goes on! Definitely worth the investment!

  6. We use these and I love them. I brought the sticker ones and put them in all of Alice’s school uniform last September. Her uniform has been washed every single week and they still look like new. No signs of them coming off. I had a mum comment on how great they are when her daughter accidentally took Alice’s cardigan home. They are worth the money as they last so well. We have the mr men ones and Alice can easily spot her clothes x

  7. My three lose everything…!!! Regularly…!!!! And moms is expected to down tools to search!! Since September no 1 has had two coats no 2 probably 8 hats (TG for Penny’s ????)…and while the youngest does actually possess the ability to mind her stuff she cause her family to lose the will to live at times ????????????

    • Should have said I’ve used since no 1 started school 6 years ago and they are brilliant!!! They stay on no question despite dishwashers and washing cycles so well that there the product they’re attached to will become too small or break before these babies come off! Great product and super service!! Big thumbs up ????

  8. Great review, love how thorough you’ve been. These will come in really handy for us once Dexter starts nursery. I’m so glad I found your review so now I know which ones to go with.

  9. I am now looking at down at the ground in utter shame as I announce…I’ve got 3 kids 12, 10 and 7 and…
    I’ve never, ever, bought name tags. There are so many blogs about scatty/rubbish mums (mine included) but I actually AM that disorganised. So I’m sold! I love the absolutely honesty of this post especially the last section about there being cheaper options etc and the ‘perfect for’ and ‘wasted on’ bits. So helpful! So glad to make it over and read you after seeing you on IG loads 🙂

  10. We have been so lucky that neither of mine have lost anything yet. I have to say I have been the one scrambling with a permanent marker on the first day of term though – whoops!!

  11. Rachel McTigue Reply

    These look brill. Mine tend to leave coats and hats lying around wherever they happen to be over heating at the time ????

  12. Pencils and rain coats! I can only imagine the piles of pencils accumulating somewhere! And coats too ????. One of my boys, after losing yet another coat, said to me sure it’s okay it’s the summer. I was like, yeah, we live in Galway buddy, summer is when we most need our raincoats. I love the idea of stick on tags with surname and phone number. I have very cute sew on tags that I last used 5 years ago ????

  13. Hats! Especially the nice ones! And the usual coats and drinks bottles too. We rarely comeback with all our possessions!

  14. This is a fab idea, especially when the little ones head off to nursery and school! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza, hope to see you again next week! xx

  15. I bought a big sheet of their stickers at the start of the school year (first year I ever remembered) and I am well and truly converted. I’ve never had one come off yet and we still have loads left. Highly recommended x

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