OK. So I’m doing it. For realsies this time. I’ve jumped on and off this bandwagon more times than Beyonce has posed for a ridiculous pregnancy photo. And despite my many attempts, I’ve never really finished the full eight week Couch-to-5K programme. Well, not properly anyway. I’ve been talking about it since I wrote one of my very first blog posts, so it’s high time really.


I repeat, I am not a fitness blogger. I am not a fitness lover. I am not fit. I don’t generally enjoy exercise. I do enjoy food and relaxation and my couch. And wine and giant bars of Fruit & Nut. I am a mother of three, edging closer to forty by the minute and panicking a little about the state of my health and my worrying midsection (which makes me prone to death by all sorts of nastiness, if the health articles and Dr Eva are to be believed).


When you’re in the baby zone, it’s easy to put health and fitness on hold. Instead you busy yourself patting your own back for growing another human, forsaking alcohol and paté for nine months and surviving on 50 minutes’ sleep a night with a newborn. It’s easy to allow tiredness and an already lengthy list of multitasking activities to become the perfect excuse for not getting off your behind.  But once you close the doors on the baby-growing business and you know your body is your own again, you’re faced head-on with the obstinate flab and wobbly flesh that now seems to be a permanent part of your make-up and you know it’s time to make a change.


Warning: This is not a post for the fit and healthy among you. It’s for those of you who want to make that change and be a little more proactive about your health and fitness at a comfortable pace. If you are a gym buff with defined abs and a perky ass who can run a half-marathon without getting chest pain and sweating like Gordon Ramsey then move swiftly and smugly along to the gym, won’t you? I may even join you there at some point. I know I might never really compare but in eight weeks’ time, there’s less chance that I’ll be laughed out of the place by the hot young things in spandex.


So, this is what’s happening, people. I’m doing it. I am completing the couch to 5K over the next eight weeks which means that at some point in early April 2017, I will run five whole kilometers without stopping. And I am inviting you guys to join me. If you haven’t done it before, now’s your chance. Maybe you’ve tried before but not kept it up and would like to start again? Then why not now!  If I can do it, then you can too and now that I’ve declared my commitment on here, I kind of have to, don’t I?  Don’t make me do it alone!


1)  A couch to 5K app. There are lots of apps in the app stores. I use C25K by Zenlabs. It’s free and the soft tones of the very nice lady will tell you when to warm-up, walk, run and cool-down. And she doesn’t sound at all smug.
2) Running shoes, a decent sports bra and if you plan on running in the dark, something reflective.
3) Three half hour slots per week.
4) The belief that you can do it. The programme definitely works. It has been tried and tested by millions and it’s designed specifically for the likes of us so want to build up our strength and stamina slowly.
That’s it.


Week 1 is nice and easy. We’ll begin with a brisk five-minute walk, then alternate 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking, for a total of 20 minutes. Then we’ll walk for 5 minutes to cool down. We’ll do this three times.  Sounds doable, right? Of course it does! We’ve got this!

Mom to 5K Week 1


Let me know in the comments below if you fancy joining in! Along with details of my personal ‘journey’ (which may or may not be full of cheery motivation) you’ll receive tips and advice for the week ahead and I’ve even enlisted other fitness folk who know their sporty shizzle to share their know-how and experience as we go along, so that we stay safe, motivated and on track.

Pumped? Psyched? OK. I’ll stop. And I promise not to use the word ‘pumped’ again. Who’s with me? Pop your name in the box below to get the weekly posts directly into your inbox and like the Facebook page for reminders and discussion. On your marks…

 Ordinary mum seeks like-minded crew for efforts to marginally improve fitness. We're going from couch to 5K. Who's with me?

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  1. Do it!! I did it last year, and it was amazing!

    I’d join you if I hadn’t already done it, I really wish I’d had some people to boost me when I did it, especially before the dreaded week 5!

    If I can do it, anyone can!

    • Sinéad Reply

      Oh good on ya, Donna. I’ll be crying around the roads in week 5 then? No pain no gain, eh! 🙂 Well done! Have you kept it up?

      • Week 5 is the first time there’s a bigger run. I dreaded it, but it was really fine! I will say though, that when I finished, I couldn’t do 5k in 30 minutes. I could run 5k, but in about 37 minutes. I was really disappointed, like the app had lied to me!

        I kept it up for a while. I actually ran a 10km race in October. Then I had a week off. Then another. Then I was busy. Then it was Christmas. Then it was too cold. I’ve been for the odd run since, but nothing regular.

        I so regret stopping. I had reached the point where I loved it, and now I’m back to having to force myself.

        • Sinéad Reply

          Oh brilliant re the 10K. You’ll be back loving it before you know it! January is hard and yes, it’s soooo cold! Hard to get motivated. Spring will be easier! 🙂

  2. Great idea! Moral support will really help. Once you can run 5k, you should see if there are any ParkRuns near you. 5k timed runs for free on a Saturday morning. I know that sounds like hell, but it’s actually really good motivation, everyone is friendly and it gives you an incentive to get fitter because you will want to improve your time every week. #DreamTeam

    • Sinéad Reply

      There’s a park run just up the road so that’s my goal, Kelly! I’d be awfully chuffed if I could manage that! Thanks for the comments and your own moral support! 🙂

  3. Janice Coleman Reply

    I’m in Sinead, add motivational speaker to your talents ????!!! We can motivate each other..

    • Sinéad Reply

      Yay, Janice! Now, hold off on the motivational speaker business though… there will undoubtedly be whining and complaining. But that’s allowed! Expected, almost! 😉

    • Sinéad Reply

      I’ve been admiring the lovely shiny app for a long time on my phone, Nicola! Lol…

  4. Go go go! I downloaded an app a while back, don’t even think I opened it! Good luck!

    • Sinéad Reply

      Poor little neglected app just sitting there in your phone waiting to fulfill its destiny, Emma! I almost feel sorry for it… ????

  5. Denise Mc Hugh Reply

    I’d love to so might try and see not sure about my pelvic floor ???????? after three big babies things are not good so was always told no running but I might try week one and see!

    • Sinéad Reply

      It’s a man’s world, Denise. Bloody pelvic floor woes are the worst! Grrrr. Would be great to have you in the posse. See how you go! ????

    • Sinéad Reply

      Replace the word ‘awesome’ with ‘torture’ and you’ve nailed it, Nige! Lol…

    • Sinéad Reply

      Lol, Brons! I reckon as long as we’re moving it might not matter what direction we’re going in! ????

  6. Good woman yourself. I’m in! Unless walking to and from the car and around the house/shops/office counts as excercise I’ve literally done none in about 2 years. I can feel a sweat coming on just thinking about it but it’s high time I got the trainers out!

    • Sinéad Reply

      Aine, I am the same. I feel like I’ve been putting it off for long enough. It will be great to have a few together to motivate one another. Or moan to at least! Looking forward to getting into next week!

  7. And there it is in black and white…. that’s the hardest part done, (Apart from actually putting on the runners and stepping outside your front door!) As much as we all love our children, exercise is a great excuse to take a break/escape from them. Just try and time your runs so that they coincide with bedtime ???? Go you!

    • Sinéad Reply

      Coinciding with bedtime – absolutely! Two birds! ????

    • Sinéad Reply

      Ah brilliant! You can forewarn us when it’s getting really bloody hard! 🙂 How is it going for you so far?

      • The Tale of Mummyhood Reply

        It’s not going to. Ad, it’s nice to get back into running! So glad someone else is doing it, I know where to come for moral support! X

        • Sinéad Reply

          Absolutely! And we know where to come for motivation to keep going! 🙂

  8. I need to do this, I am not a runner, but I need to get fitter and so many have recommended this! Good luck! #SharingtheBlogLove

    • Sinéad Reply

      Neither am I, Kat! Yet! Fancy joining in? The more the merrier! 😉

  9. Hi Sinead, the time for talking is obviously over as you sound like a lady on a mission! Just think eight weeks from now you will not only feel fitter, you’ll feel chuffed too. Chuffed because you did it. And I bet the happy hormones make up for the displeasure as you take that first step out the door.

    Popping over from #ablogginggoodtime

    • Sinéad Reply

      Let’s hope you are right about ALL of that, Debbie! 🙂 Lol…

  10. I’m a massive fan of running and gradually built up to a regular 6 mile circuit last year…but then it got cold. Boo! Thanks for reminding me I can do it – and I will. I will, when it gets a teeny bit warmer 😉
    Good luck! Keep us posted on your progress.. #coolmumclub

  11. Oh, I can relate to this so much! I’m a serial Couch 2 5K-er – I think I’ve gone through it 4 times, got fit and into running again, only to fall off the wagon for one reason or another. At the moment I’m fully off the wagon due to pregnancy and in all honesty although I have good intentions about getting back on once the baby is here, realistically I know it won’t happen for the first year probably. Best of luck to you – especially with that week where it suddenly just goes “Now run for 20 minutes!!!!!” Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    • Sinéad Reply

      I’m exactly the same, Katy! I get to a point and then I quit time and time again. Gotta stick to it this time though! 🙂 You’ve a great excuse to keep the feet up now though!

  12. I really really want to do this I keep seeing the advert with the plump lady who turns into a right fox and think yes I’ll do it but then… open the baileys. I do have a knackered old knee which I can use as a great excuse though. Good luck! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime ????

    • Sinéad Reply

      Baileys and a dodgy knee make for perfectly good excuses in my book! When the time is right, you’ll make like Forest Gump! 😉

    • Sinéad Reply

      Haha – I hear you! I’ve tried the DVDs and I tend to just sit down watching them with a chocolate digestive! ????

  13. I have every intention every New Year to do a C25K and never see it through ???? maybe now’s the time ???? good luck everyone #wecandothis

  14. I don’t run – but I do walk (at least five miles a day) that’s just doing school runs. But I am not a great distance jogger, I have tried. This sounds appealing though. Sarah #FabFridayPost

    • Sinéad Reply

      I call it running, Sarah but it’s totally jogging! I’m good and slow! Lol… Have a think about joining in! 🙂

  15. Yey you! I’d really like to do something like this but realistically at the moment I know I don’t have 3 30 minute slots a week. I don’t think I have 1 and if I did if be having a long bath! I’ll be with you in spirit though, willing you on and maybe I’ll do my own when things calm down #fortheloveofBLOG

    • Sinéad Reply

      I know, Briony! It’s so hard to find the time. I will be walking out the door as my OH comes in from work. At the moment I can just about manage the 3 slots. Any more time would be impossible! I hope you get the chance to do it when life calms for you a bit. 🙂

  16. Great post, I think we all need to get a little fitter. I’m not much of a runner unfortunately but hoping that in time I will be up for the challenge #Blogstravaganza

    • Sinéad Reply

      When the time is right, you’ll run like the wind Samsam! ????

  17. I tried this a few years ago, really struggled to keep up with the app but managed to complete a 5k charity race so wasn’t all bad! good luck 🙂 #kcacols

    • Sinéad Reply

      Thanks Tracey and well done, you! I’ve done a few 5Ks in the past but always ended up walking a bit of the way. My goal is to run the whole lot this time.

  18. Love your post and you should definitely do it!!!!! My husband used the couch to 5k app at he end of 2016 and whilst he doesn’t like exercise or running he did it and now he still runs each week. I started running again last year too – although went a bit more free style than using the app. What surprised me is how much energy i get from running, how much I enjoy the head space and the catch up with my friends who I run with. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

      • Sinéad Reply

        Thanks for the encouragement, Sharon! The head space is great, especially when you’re at home with kids all day! I’m looking forward to getting stuck in. I love hearing all of the success stories so thanks and good luck with your own running! 🙂

  19. My friend did couch to 5k and now runs up to 10k some days. Go for it and good luck to you. #kcacols

    • Sinéad Reply

      Thanks! I can’t imagine doing the 10K. I’d definitely settle for 5 but sure who knows, eh! 🙂

  20. Yay! Go you!! I so want to do this! A local running club was doing this straight after Christmas but I was suffering with sciatica and just couldn’t manage it. I think I’m pretty much back to normal now – but I didn’t realise that they did an app so that I can just pick it up and start at my own time? I love this! Right. I’m mid house move (yeah yeah more excuses I know,) but I’m going to honestly try my very best to get my backside into gear and join you! Good luck lovely! *salutes* x Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam :0)

    • Sinéad Reply

      Ooooh house move! Exciting but stressful! Would LOVE to have you join us! Keep me posted! 🙂

  21. Fantastic! My hubby did it a year ago and he doubted he would, but he did. He is now into cycling after a knee injury made running hard. He rides for hours and loves it. #mg

    • Sinéad Reply

      There’s nothing like a success story on a Monday morning, Mackenzie! Cheers and well done to the hubster! Ain’t nothin’ gonna keep a good man down! ????

  22. So I have a similar post coming up! I too have downloaded an app this weekend and bought a sports bra all ready to go! I’ve also discovered HIIT workouts which are fab! I’ll follow you along your journey! #KCACOLS

  23. Beyonce’s pregnancy photos, though, ughhhh. Shh, don’t tell the Bey hive.

    I have a rule that I’ll only run if the police are chasing me, but my heart would thank me for at least trying. Keep us posted on the 5K. You’re gonna kill it, mama!


    • Sinéad Reply

      Bey Hive! Brilliant. I’ve not heard that one before. ???? Cheers!

  24. I really wanted ot od this but I’m not a runner, my knees can’t take it and there isn’t a sports bra in the world to stop me getting black eyes as I run 😉 trust me I’ve looked! Best of luck though. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

    • Sinéad Reply

      It’s all about the bra, Tracey! And we certainly wouldn’t want any black eyes! Lol. See you next week! 🙂

  25. Oh I so want to do this. I started it last year, but the 15 minute walk back from the park with the buggy, while red faced thanks to being a) very unfit and b) rosacea, was mortifying. We live somewhere else now, and the “block” is flat, so I’m hoping to get out there. But with a potty training toddler, the running buggy is out of the question :S We started doing 5k Parkruns, but I’ve had to stop for the same reason.

    One day I’ll stop making excuses…

    • Sinéad Reply

      You are talking the the queen of excuses, Becki! They all seem pretty valid to me. Maybe the starts will align another time! 🙂 If I could do a Parkrun I would dance a jig of joy!

  26. I’m terrible, I can’t actually remember the last time I did any exercise apart from going on walks with the girls. I just have no motivation, especially at this time of year! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    • Sinéad Reply

      So understandable! Life’s already busy enough. If it wasn’t for me pledging to do it now on the blog, I’d undoubtedly pack it all in! See you next time.

  27. What an inspirational post! I would so love to join you – it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a few years ago now! Thanks for joining us #fortheloveofBLOG

    • Sinéad Reply

      Ah go on, go on, Cherry! We can be miserable – I mean lean and amazing – together! 😉

  28. I felt the need to start exercising and doing something (other than drinking too much wine and eating too much chocolate) just over a year ago when I realised I was in my early 40s. I started running and couldn’t even get to the end of the road. Now I can just about manage 4km! I still can’t manage to get past that magical 5K! Good luck- determination is everything. #Coolmumclub x

    • Sinéad Reply

      Well done! I think 4K is amazing so go, you! So I’m guessing that last kilomtre is gonna be the killer then! 🙁

  29. Wow! I do admire you for this! I too have loads of excuses, excuses, and excuses. BUT! I have signed up for the colour run. Is that the same thing? Good luck with your 5K! Keep me posted on your fitness. I am cheering for you! xx

    Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

    • Sinéad Reply

      I always think the colour run looks like mad craic! Must see if there’s one around Galway. Adds a nice twist to it and it’s not taking itself too seriously either, which I LOVE. Life is serious enough! Good luck it, Su and thanks for the cheerleader vibes! Always appreciated! 😉

  30. I used a C25K app several years ago. I can’t remember which one, but you could choose from 3 different voices and we always went with the army sergeant who would yell out the orders. It kept things light and we laughed a lot!! #KCACOLS

    • Sinéad Reply

      Haha Nadine! Love the sound of that! Brilliant! 😉

  31. Good luck with this – I’m not a runner though can see the advantages of having some space to think, but first I need to master that breathing thing while moving. Looking forward to hearing how you and your running gang get on, thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo x

  32. I always think about running but then I just make excuses. I need to be fit but other things just get in my way. Maybe I will start though, it seems to becoming more and more popular.

    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

    • Sinéad Reply

      So much easier to make the excuses. I’m the same – I’ve been making them for years!

  33. You’ve just given me the kick in the pants to start this. Have been going to the gym but don’t really feel any fitter. I like this plan and I just downloaded the app. I’ve done 5k plans before but always with really clumsy glancing at my phone or watch to see if the times up yet lol. I love the look of the app and that it integrates with my music! I’m about a month behind you so I’ll see you the finish line 😉

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