We’ve all gone for a wintry stroll on the beach on a whim only to end up with sodden children emerge from the sea in tears, fully-clothed, indecipherable in their wailing, declaring that they didn’t mean to get wet. We’ve had outings where we’ve watched in slow-mo as one of them face-plants into a puddle wearing their only ‘good’ outfit. We’ve winced as pastel knees hit mucky forest floors and canvas shoes met murky, watery deaths…

With these top outerwear picks mom can unclench and the little ones can enjoy the outdoors, even when the weather makes us all want to throw ourselves back under the duvet and watch Star Wars. Again.


 1. Dungarees €22.95 from Puddleducks  2. All-in-one €32.00 by Bluezoo  3. Hat €5.99 from H&M  4. Waterproof jacket  €30.00 by Hatley 5. Leg-warmers €5.00  from Bump to Beyond 6. Wellies €29.99 by Crocs

  1. Waterproof dungarees are a staple here, perfect for pulling quickly over clothes on a trip to the park. These ones are available from www.puddleducks.ie. Teamed with a pair of wellies and their regular raincoats, the kids are ready to make like, well, ducks in puddles.
  2. For the very little ones, an all-in-one waterproof suit can prevent many meltdowns. When the toddler wants to join in the messy fun with the others, this is the perfect solution. The suit featured is by Bluezoo and is available from www.debenhams.ie. Our toddler wears hers a lot. If you buy it a little big you will easily get two winters out of it. This one has a fleece lining so it’s sure to keep little adventurers toasty on cold, wet days.
  3. It’s almost time to haul out the hats and scarves. Shop the Star Wars beanie here. This particular aspect of a/w dressing always presents problems for my brood. The older ones are fussy about their headgear and the small one refuses to keep any sort of hat atop her head. My three-year old recently informed me that she will be wearing a ‘snood’ this winter instead of a scarf. The choice between mittens and gloves depends on whether or not you have fifteen minutes to spend, per hand, manoeuvering little digits. Some tips to avoid a minefield of drama at 8.20am include the following:
    1. Buy hats that tie under the chin for kids under two.
    2. Stitch a short piece of cord to the inside of the cuffs of your child’s coat and stitch the gloves to the other end. Permagloves. Winner!
    3. Buy the older ones whatever hideous cartoon-branded hat they want. It’s not worth the fight.
    4. Buy the snood.
  4. If you invest in a lined waterproof jacket, it’s the only one you will need to see you through until spring. Hatley do a lovely range in bold, colourful prints. The brighter the coat, the easier your your little one will be to spot at the school gates or in the playground. Check out their collection on www.bumpsandbabies.ie.
  5. If you are a baby-wearing mom then it’s time to stock up on baby leg-warmers to keep little limbs warm in slings. Those pictured above are from www.bumptobeyond.com and are perfect for layering up on colder days.
  6. As likely to be used in June as January, wellies are an obvious must-have. I’m a fan of Crocs. The Marmite of footwear, people have been arguing about Crocs since they made their squishy debut in the early Noughties.  Love them or loathe them, their wellie range is hard to beat. You can’t dispute their comfort and the handles on top make them easy for the kids to get on and take off. Available from www.crocs.eu.

Happy adventuring, one and all! But remember, winter is coming…

Disclosure: These are not affiliate links. Just products we like. 

Once the kids are suited and booted in the right outerwear, they can still have fun in the colder weather. Click to view our top outdoor essentials for kids.


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