From time to time I may collaborate with brands. I often get sent products in return for an account of my experience. A review will always include my honest opinion, otherwise, what’s the point?

Sponsored Posts

I will only collaborate with brands that I am happy to endorse. If I have been paid hard cash to promote a product or business, I will – after doing a happy dance in private – specify explicitly that this is the case. You’ll also notice the usage of some familiar hashtags on my social media channels, like #ad or #spon. If you’re ever in any doubt about specific content, don’t hesitate to let me know. You shouldn’t be though, because I will always declare an association with a brand.

Affiliate Links 

Some posts may include affiliate links. Again, I will always let you know when this is the case and it means that if you buy a product becuase you have followed a link on my site, I will get a (very small) percentage of the sale. It’s usally peanuts and the aim of the affiliate game is to keep me in decent coffee so that I can continue to write blog posts and faff around on Twitter when I’m not wiping parts of my kids’ anatomy.

Indemnity Clause

If I happen to offer unsoliticed and unqualified parenting advice, please take it with a fistful of salt and consult proper, bona fide professionals with real credentials. I’m generally winging it and mostly just having a laugh, thus I can’t really be held accountable for your parenting fails as well as my own. I’m maxed out on responsibility for now.


I may host adversising in the banner or the side bar of the blog. I know it can be a distraction but it helps me pay for the upkeep of my site, which costs more that you’d think. Sometimes they annoy me too and I turn them off. Here today, gone tomorrow…

Giveaway Rules

Who doesn’t love a bit of giveaway action? I run them often and I love it when a reader can walk away with a freebie as a little reward for their loyalty and tenacity. Giveaway rules will always be specified in the small print of each individual post. If you plan on entering a Shinners & the Brood giveaway, it’s in your interest to read them. They basically just keep people from flaking one another over prizes.

Privacy Policy

Shinners & the Brood does not share personal information with third parties, nor do we store any information about visits to this blog other than to analyse your reading patterns and optimise your experience through the use of cookies. Basically that means that I use Google Analytics to see how people interact with my site. It’s all anonymous so I’m not able to track you personally. And if truth be told, I only half understand how to actually glean information from it anway.  If you prefer not to allow the use of cookies, you can change the configuration of your browser.



Comment Policy

Any blogger will tell you that reading your comments is one of the highlights of writing a blog. I love healthy discussion and hearing what other parents have to say but if things get nasty or defammatory, comments will be deleted. Please be respectful, avoid profanity and don’t spam. But sure I know you won’t! You’re all lovely, really.