About me

Below are some quick-fire details about me. Check out my first blog post Whose Blog is it Anyway? if you would like to gain a little further insight into how the blog came about and the self-doubt that threatens its very existence.

And thanks for stopping by! 

Name: Sinéad. Someone called me Shinners twenty years ago and it stuck.

Location: Galway, Ireland.

Actual age: 37

Age in own head: 24

Marital status: Married to Mr C. Saint and breadwinner.

Employment status: Taking a break from working life to be a full-time mother in the trenches.

My brood: The buck (and only boy) is 6. The middle child is 4 and the toddler is 1.


  1. To be a half-decent mother and wife.
  2. To build a blog-following that exceeds the six friends who I know will follow me and read whatever they have to out of duty and/or pity.
  3. To not take life, parenting or blogging too seriously. But seriously enough.
  4. To stay sane.
  5. To have retained 75% of my remaining brainpower when I return to work next year.